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Babies are like the eye toy

Zhangping TK Toys & Gifts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2016

Studies have shown that babies like to look people in the eye, and particularly like the eye toy. Study on early child imitate adults, exactly as people head or eye turn, but has not been resolved. Known United States Dr mierzuofu Brooks of the University of Washington in Seattle and her colleagues found in a recent study, adults with open eyes see something, 12-month-old baby to look at the possibility of something very big, but if people close-small head part to something kids and almost never go to see this stuff. On the 14-month-old baby's test also came to the same conclusion. This suggests that infant's attention moves rely on is people's eyes instead of the head.
Dr Brooks says, "kids staring at your eyes, when you turned to look at something when the kids are actually verify that your eyes are open. If you are open, they will mimic the look for the same things. They are still staring at you. "
Brooks and Dr mierzuofu and test for this new study provides a theoretical basis that babies by looking at adult direction of rotation of the eye, and decided to see what people on earth or something. This is because the eye is sensitive stuff. Eyes better than head to convey information. Eyes can tell the baby to see what adults feel when watching something.
As time goes by and increasingly rich kids social skills, so they are looking at adults, gradually will contact adult and adult toys together, that's why babies prefer toys of eyes.

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