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Characteristics of children's toys should have

Zhangping TK Toys & Gifts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2016

According to the needs of the growth and development of children, toys should have the following six characteristics:
1. The bright color of the toy. Perception is not so perfect and mature adults in young children, so often the most vivid, the most prominent color was first brought to their attention. For example, the green leaves of a red flower is often better than a white flower in grey to attract them. Therefore, children's toys color should be bright, and began to attract their attention.
2. Children's toys to vivid. To understand where children's toys is their nature and society and develop their thinking abilities, if the toy far from the image and reality of objective things, that will teach your child the wrong knowledge and concepts.
3. Children's toys to have an analog audio. Many developed countries, attaches great importance to children's toys of analog audio. Manufacturers tend to use advanced technology to toy installation sound consistent with body, so as to produce good results.
4. Children's toys to be safe and reliable. Some toys being manufactured with a great deal of risk. Not sharp edges such as blade, is the sharp Cone, a little attention, would make the child was injured. This is for many reasons, but the main one is awareness of children's toys are not enough. Therefore, the mother is the child must put safety first when choosing toys.
5. Children's toys to play and hit. Neither the parents nor the manufacturer, from children's character, serious purchase, manufacturing era level of toy, making it resistant to play hit characteristics.
6. Children's toys to lightweight. General toys have light plastic, thin Tin, light wood, velvet and other. Compatible with children's characteristics. Child care power of weak carry too heavy a toy, so you should buy portable toy.

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