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Children's plastic toys to buy points

Zhangping TK Toys & Gifts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2016

Now the toys category is full of toys on the market, let people take from his main work. However, continuous disclosure screening unqualified report and recall information, so many parents are haunted by, I do not know how to be good. Therefore, for the purchase of toys, parents have to follow "three, a smell of a trial" test.
See: toys, gloss and color brightness: high quality plastic toys in gloss and crisper than on more thoroughly the bad toys. This is because the quality of plastic toys commonly use PVC, PP, PE etc plastic raw materials, production, plastic itself is very shiny. Bad toys are "two" made for processing color variation. Therefore, the toy's color to a certain extent, determine the safety of toys.
Second look: the thickness of the product: plastic toy's biggest feature is its finished products or components of a one-time injection molding, molding walls too thin, easily broken when children at play, drop, small pieces of the plastic pieces brittle and sharp edges, sharp corners, and likely to cause harm to the baby.
Three: 3C certification and labelling of toys: 3C is the national compulsory product certification, identification of toy safety and reliability. In addition, when parents buy toys, to check the toy manufacturer's name, address, contact telephone, warning signs, main material component of identity.
A smell: smell the smell of the plastic toy: Germany's consumer protection agency points out that if some children's toys that have a pungent smell, then it should be is to contain harmful substances such as lead acid ester. Therefore, advise parents to buy time and smell the smell of toys. Also, toy buying back when toys can be washed, dried, and reduce evaporation.
A trial: try toys: at safety, suggested that parents at the time of purchase, you can first try toys and see if there are security risks and is suitable for babies. For example: nodding toy parts lesbian toys rope, toughness and the length is appropriate; when selecting toys, will try it it is too loud.

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Zhangping TK Toys & Gifts Co.,Ltd
Tel: +86-595-85799930
Address: Room 3305-3306 No.B Elevator B1 Building, Hongta Distric, Anhai, Jianjiang, Fujian, China
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