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Children's toys before purchase

Zhangping TK Toys & Gifts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2016

Children's toys before purchase
1, see packaging. Genuine creative toys are packaged well. Packaging whether sealed or the print has to be impeccable. If packing patterns and words are printed above a blur, that in all likelihood is not a real product. Piracy of creative toys are not identical in packaging and genuine, check out the official site or promotion of the packaging designs.
2, if you are shopping online, you picture is about the same, it depends on the price. Original, genuine price is not cheap, since ancient times, there is a saying, a penny stock.
3, on the poop. A lot of people love to buy goods, and cheap. China is the world's largest factory, a lot of creative toy run in China in a foreign company come to toy factory manufactured, so shedding some less rule of defective products is not new. However, creative toys, creative toys or very high or very low levels of technology, so basically not common bulk cargoes and goods. A lot of poop are actually imitation goods, or documentary.
4, the toy packaging is printed with Chinese version, Chinese version of the text, such as in Asia. Is suddenly looking like the original licensing product, carefully check the original trademark, or without authorization of the original trademark circle c or r. multiple authorized version is a security sticker, this should also pay attention to it.
Market types
Chinese toy products, including plush toys, plastic toys, electronic toys, wooden toys, metal toys, paper toys, glass toys, children's cars and other miscellaneous toys, plush toys and children's vehicles are top sellers. There are the following species:
Model toys-toys-electric model also appeal to both children and adults, such as tanks, cars equipped with sirens and so on. Although the prices of these toys aren't cheap, especially video games, generally about 70-80 Yuan, some as high as 700-800, but the market is good.
--High-tech appearance of remote-controlled toys toys such as sound, light, electronic toys, remote control toys and be able to talk or do a series of interactive toys are very popular. Currently on the market for sale of all types of remote control toys close to hundred, mainly cars, boats, planes, etc. Remote control car 130-500 a car, about 150-400 r/c boat, remote control planes ranging between 3400-16000.
Plastic toys-plastic has replaced metal, wood and ceramics, became a major toy manufacturing material, because plastic low cost, easy handling, safety and lightweight.

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