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Four standards for newborn children selected toys

Zhangping TK Toys & Gifts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2016

Newborn things outside, apparently are passive, and they could only cry to express their feelings and needs. While adults give newborns when choosing toys, should buy toy products that meet four criteria can help to stimulate the brain development of newborn.
Standard one: colorful: newborns like colorful toys, although when a baby is born, is unable to distinguish between colors, but their early preferences similar to bright colors, such as red. Therefore, the red, black and white plush toy is a good toy choices, can attract the attention of newborns.
Standard two: contrast: newborn like the contrast of things such as hair and skin two different kinds of touch. Black and white contrasting color is the most, which can help stimulate the brains of newborns. In fact, your face will be able to get the attention of newborns and stimulating his development. In the first months of life, can cause contrast can contribute to the development of baby's visual skills.
Standard three: texture: make your baby feel the different textures and shapes can also promote brain development. Studies have shown that newborns can "remember" a particular shape, even if the object is not in the baby's hand. Gently pick up the baby's hand to touch different textures of things, this would encourage his head, to understand the new feeling. You can provide different types of fabric for baby tactile stimulation, can include plush toys, plastic toys, blankets, scarves, and more.
Standard four: newborn hearing has not yet fully developed, but toys expose children to different sounds can help the development of your baby's hearing. Italy according to a study, preferably with a soothing melody of music toys can help develop your baby's brain, in particular the right hemisphere of the brain.

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