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How to choose different toys for different age children?

Zhangping TK Toys & Gifts Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 20, 2017

 Baby not only get happiness, but also get a lot of exercise in playing, such as training consciousness, stimulate imagination, arouse curiosity and so on. Children in different ages have different demand for toys. Toys are mainly divided into three categories: life experience class, such as kitchen play set; teaching class, kinds of learning type of toys, which can help children develop intelligence; partner class, such as cute plush dolls.

1-2 year old toy reference:

  1. Hammer-type toys: the same as sound-type toys, this time the baby is more willing to hit their own voice.

  2. Building blocks: whether it is soft building blocks or wood building blocks, this time the baby can use them to build, and stack a number of different shapes.

  3. All kinds of balls: baby can play with the ball, rolling, throwing, shooting and do some other games, to promote the improvement of various skills.

  4. Smallbuckets and shovels: through rolling, loading, carrying and other actions feel the joy of the game, and develop the coordination of arms and legs, training imagination.

  5. Pull toys: to use toys to go, run, pass obstacles, to develop the coordination of limbs and control skills

  6. Graphics box: know all kinds of shapes, colors, simple picture.

  7. Small car: can sit on the car and use his legs to move forward.

3-4 years old toy reference:

  1. Paint and brush; color pen; color book; writing book; knitted fabric; beaded (big beads for 3-year-old child) and so on.

  2. Wood and card games; mini model toys, such as computers, various complex puzzles, push-nail boards, magnetic boards, matching and memory games, books, clocks, tables, and computers with suitable software.

  3.DIY toys, and small object which need to be closely packed together such as dolls, small furniture, cars, small tools and so on.

  4. Sports toys, such as ropes, bowling and target, small spring pad, all kinds of balls, any toys, which can stimulate the child to run, chase, shake, jump up.

  5. Cloth dolls: child can learn how to help dolls wear clothes, shoes, brush hair and so on. Children's plastic tools, such as hammers or screwdrivers, sand, small train, tape recorders.

5-6 year old toy reference:

  1. Sports toys: child can do some exercise, such as ball, rope skipping, small bicycles, sandbags and so on.

  2. Skill toys: help exercise small muscle groups and the body coordination ability, such as fishing toys, drawing boards and brushes, pitching, rings and so on.

  3. Intellectual toys: conducive to exercise thinking and practical ability, such as puzzle board, plastic building blocks, iron blocks, rubber mud, assembly toys, scientific simulation toys, electronic building blocks toys.

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