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How to choose healthy toys?

Zhangping TK Toys & Gifts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

How to choose toys?  Which toys are really suitable for children to play?

Choose toys by category:

1.Teaching class: now as the letters, the number toys are very popular with parents, but this toy is limited for baby and young children. It is suitable for children after two years of age.

2. Partner class: doll toys seem simple, but has been loved by children, because these toys can play the role as playmates, which is beneficial to EQ training.

3.Life class: the child's imitation is very strong. Small pot, small bowl of such play toys, let the children experience and imitate the life in the process of playing, and learn a lot of life knowledge.

4.Business class: There are some cartoons toys in the market, These toys are very fashionable, and also widely welcomed by children, but the price is higher, parents can choose by yourself.

Choose toys by material:

1. There are eight kinds of heavy metals: antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium, in which the content of chromium and lead is most likely to exceed the standard. Heavy metal content is hard to be judged by naked eye and the smell. In the purchase

of toys, we must find the packaging with 3C certification logo. The production technology is relatively mature, and the possibility of excessive heavy metal is small.

2. Smell :do not buy the toys with pungent smell.

3. Texture: rough workmanship and not smooth surface toys are easy to scratch the child. Such toys have to be careful to buy. If you buy plush toys, it is best to clean, and then get it under the sun to kill anti-virus, to reduce kids contact with bacteria. Other toy should be cleaned once a week, and all kinds of toys should be classified.

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