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What is the classification of toy?

Zhangping TK Toys & Gifts Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 12, 2017

What is the classification of toy?

As the playmate of children, toy plays an important role in kids childhood. Parents often buy different toys for their baby. Toy itself has an irreplaceable role in the development of children's psychology. The child's own physical characteristics determine their way of learning and cognitive ability through the game. But do you know the classification of toy?


    Puzzle Toy such as jigsaw game,memory training game, building block, clock toy and so on. These games allow children to develop their brain and intelligence.

    Static Toy mainly shows its shape and can not move by itself. Such as injection molding character, animal toy, scene toy and so on. Nowadays, toy is vivid in the shape. Their joints can move and can pose all kinds of postures. Some dolls match with the clothing and props, giving a good scene experience effect to child.

    Scientific Toy an guide children to observe, compare, collect, analyze, and let children develop their own practical ability and build their habit to seek the truth from reality

    DIY Toy help to make the eyes and hands more coordinated and make the baby's fingers more flexible.

    Language Toy such as early education machine, music instrument is good for child’s hearing, language expression, understanding.

    Social Imitation Toy through imitation children can understand family life, social rules, consolidate and expand the knowledge. This type of toy including the imitation of supermarket,kitchen, dress up and so on.

  Electronic Toy joins the electronic circuit to control system in the mobile toys, so that toys not only have the ability to exercise, its movement also be controlled. It uses electronic technology or electronic components to make variety of sound and light effects. Such as projector, light torch, mobile toys and so on.

In fact, toys for children are not limited to those in the most expensive and exquisite goods. A stone, a leaf, and even a pot of water and a simple cup, sand, as long as the child can cause interest and infinite fantasy, are good toys.

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