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Care For Children To Purchase Toys

Zhangping TK Toys & Gifts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2016

Toys are children's indispensable partner on the road, their close friend, good toy for preschool children, teachers who cannot talk, babies were born, we began to help children choose from a variety of dazzling toys, many children's toys with a few more boxes were fit. So just what kind of toy is most suitable for children? to ages baby toys chosen must pay attention to what? the right choice for kids is a good toy. To choose the right children's toys is a science not only security, but also fun, then how to buy children's toys?
What is the best toy for children? a good toy suitable for children must have the following three features: safe, educational, fun. More important for parents to understand that it is in the growth of children choose and age-matched, able to meet the development needs of specific age groups full toy products to accompany the baby healthy and happy growing.
1. the applicable age range. General will indicate in the instructions for use of toys the toys suitable age range, according to child's age to purchase. As a simple example, eight-month-old baby in the play when building a product, can be passed between the hands, 10 months babies will be able to selectively catch me in the music of different shapes and sizes of bricks. 0-3, infants and young children, safe toys must not have widgets, because children are easy to eat. 0-6, children, safety considerations, mainly toy material itself is safe and reliable.
2. safety warnings. Toy hidden dangers, production plant will be made by warning reminder. "Non-life-saving supplies, can only be used in shallow water", and so on. Purchase and use of toys, be sure to read the warnings carefully, to avoid danger of misuse of toys.
3. effective date. Some products are used within the validity period specified, can be avoided by using expired products.
4. use. Complex toy, there should be more use and attention. In the purchase of should be aware of this.
5. Assembly procedure. Assemble toys either by an adult Assembly or Assembly should have its own Assembly procedure for children.
In addition, you should also pay attention to the following issues:
1. sharp sharp points and edges of the toy should be avoided for children under 8 years of age.
Age of 2.3 children should avoid small parts of toys, children's throat is not stopped after being swallowed.
3. for Boomerang, Slingshot, simulation pistols, toy laser guns must strengthen management, prevent children from using slinging mud.
4. children's toys not contain toxic and hazardous chemicals.
5. regularly check your child's toys, has a surface of rupture of wood toys, toy patched up in time to rupture or separation.
6. the toy's battery must be regularly replaced to prevent battery chemicals affect children's health.
7. do not buy toys prejudicial to children's health.
8. should pay attention to choosing toys if easily disinfected and washed, fur animal toys made of not washing and disinfection, easy carriage, not health, should not be used.
Remind parents, must go to a reputable shop for toys, not freeloaders, otherwise the children cause little harm will be endless.

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Tel: +86-595-85799930
Address: Room 3305-3306 No.B Elevator B1 Building, Hongta Distric, Anhai, Jianjiang, Fujian, China
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