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Choosing A Stroller, Toy Tips

Zhangping TK Toys & Gifts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2016

Buy children's toys to the attention of the "five":
Look for age range. General will indicate in the instructions for use of toys the toys suitable age range. Depending on your child's age selecting age-appropriate toys, suitable for more than 6 months, for over 3 years, for 5 years ~9 years old, not suitable for under 3 years of age. Toys of different ages are of varying complexity, suitable for different stages of intellectual development in children; the second is on safety requirements for toys. Generally speaking 1~3sui of children, due to age, poor awareness of self-protection, awareness of things are still at the initial stage, you can buy them some soft toys, simple structure and brightly colored toys, such as plush and cloth toys, rattles, and so on. In buying a plush and cloth toys, you can use hand knead, feel the toy's stuffing is soft, there are no lumps, impurities, nose to smell, no smell; a pull toy by the hand of the accessories, spare parts (such as eyes, buttons, etc), is it easy to pull off, this can lead to the accidental ingestion. Children of this age often toys into the mouth, and it would be inappropriate to buy small (child's mouth to swallowing) or toys with small removable parts, so as to avoid children eating. At the time of purchase other toys, hand on the surface of toys you touch it again, feel whether there are glitches and tips, are there sharp edges, so as not to play cut the skin. Children $literal years old age, a certain degree of understanding about everything around, are indicators of a good times, you'd better buy some more intelligence toy for him, such as: spell inserting toys, building blocks, a simple jigsaw puzzle, and so on. Of course, you can also purchase other toys according to the child's hobbies, such as boys like cars. Addition, you by purchase of toy as with drive structure Shi (as: gear box, and sprocket,), also should note its drive institutions should cover closed makes children of finger cannot stretch into, so as not to turned Shi clip live finger, while also should note about toy of material (especially plastic toy) whether substantial, so as not to play Shi for accidentally fell fell broken, produced sharp edge and sharp tip, and on children produced dangerous.
Two security warnings. Toy hidden dangers, production plant will be made by warning reminder. "Kites and other flying toys cannot be used near overhead electric wires", "warned! contains small parts and is not suitable for use in children under age 3 and", "non-life-saving supplies, can only be used in shallow water", and so on. Purchase and use of toys, be sure to read the warnings carefully, to avoid danger of misuse of toys.
Three, effective date. Some products are used within the validity period specified, can be avoided by using expired products.
Four methods of use and maintenance. Complicated toys, children's bicycles, walkers, such as computer learning machine, there should be more use and attention. In the purchase of should be aware of this. Some toys (such as plush and cloth toys, plastic toys, and so on) in the manual (or label) shall indicate cleaning or disinfection methods, often neglected by parents, this will have an impact on children's health. Take for instance the plush and cloth toys, easy breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, mites and other above, close contact with children, there is likely to be inhaled, thus affecting children's health. Therefore, to carefully read the product's instruction manual (or label), how to clean, wash toys, dry cleaning or laundry, washed repeatedly when rinsing, drying to dry completely. Usually, you can often use toys to get the Sun to dry, and particularly huangmei days later. Plastic toys often scrubbing disinfection with alcohol.
Five Assembly diagram. Assemble toys either by an adult Assembly or Assembly should have its own Assembly procedure for children.
The provisions of the law, all domestic production and sale of products shall be marked with name, address and certificate, and apply the standard Chinese characters indicated. Imports of Chinese toys toy use, six toys subject to CCC certification products have CCC logo and certificate.
Should also be aware of the following issues:
Have sharp points and edges of toys for use by children under 8 years of age should be avoided;
Children under 3 years of age should avoid small parts of toys. Avoid using a toy volume is too small, so as not to be eaten, after plug in baby's throat, toy size for length 6 inch, width 3 cm or more;
Boomerang, Slingshot, simulation pistols, toy laser guns must strengthen management, prevent the use of children injured people;
Children's toys not contain toxic and hazardous chemicals;
To periodically check the child's toys, has a surface of rupture of wood toys, toy patched up in time to rupture or separation. Toy batteries should be changed regularly to avoid battery chemicals affect children's health;
Do not buy prejudicial to children's health and the toys that contain the yellow;
Should pay attention to choosing toys if easily disinfected and washed, fur animal toys made of not washing and disinfection, easy carriage, not health, should not be used.
Baby tips
Strollers have been parents for children to buy popular products in the baby stroller with a wide variety of structures, functions, and sometimes tend to ignore it in the purchase of the applicable age, carrying weight requirements.
When we choose when cart first according to their own need to choose an appropriate application of age, mainstream products in the market under the applicable age at 36 months, critical to distinguish between the applicable age for 0-36 and 6-36 months of product differences.
Applies age for 0-36 months of cart, seat pocket back and seat pad Zhijian of angle must can regulation to is greater than 150 ° of State, in selected Shi, must to note see the products of outside packaging or using manual, and also can Advisory salesperson for actual of operation demonstrates, also, best selected seat sides, and head side fence not exists opening of products, can reduced baby from body in the due to sleeping, factors to sliding out of risk.
Applicable for 6-36 months of age cart, often dominated by child umbrella stroller on the market, their product back and adjusted the angle between the seat cushions are often unable to state greater than 150 °, due to a baby's spine does not fully developed, infants under 6 months of age cannot use the Pocket backrest and seat angle cannot adjust to the status greater than 150 ° cart. Meanwhile, on this type of product and its specifications like "warning: this vehicle is not suitable for children under 6 months of age" warning message.

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