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Don't Let Cheap Toy Erodes Innocence

Zhangping TK Toys & Gifts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2016

A few days ago, there is a piece of news: inadvertently found that 10-year-olds had smoked cigarettes. When a child is doing homework, his lips dangling a cigarette, cigarette butt flashing on and off, mouth spewing smoke. Family members were shocked, asked how little he smoked cigarettes at an early age. Boys, are innocent, said, this is not smoke, is fruit-flavored "toy cigarettes" in front of the school's stationery store to buy, a lot of boys in the school to buy stuff like this, "very cool"
It should be said that living in this day and age of children, especially the children of the city the only child, one by one they are the home of Zhang Bao, are happy enough to what is what. This which is based on nowadays parents on children of General pet spoiled, children toy of producers, and manufacturers for business benefits of maximize, is committed to children toy market of in-depth mining and expand, can be described as means no by without, method omnipotent, some aimed at children pursuit novelty, and stimulus and so on of so-called "adult", and "violence of" and "vulgar of" toy on such openly to poinsettia, temptation with identify capacity not strong, and control capacity vulnerable of children purchase and play.
Favourite toys are children's nature. Good toys to develop their intelligence and cultivate their taste and motivate them to positive. However, it should be cause for alarm is that these toys to adult, violent and vulgar, often as avant-garde filth, as vulgar Maverick, is likely to affect children's health. It is easy to imagine, when children are immersed in these so-called "Advanced novelty" toy, can unknowingly introduced them to another "adverse environment", subtly, their young minds will be horror, bloody, vulgar and ugly "toy culture" that eroded, thus prematurely lost a wonderful childhood.
Keep children away from debasing toy, requires a collective community participation and full cooperation. School and family to strengthening on students of publicity education, improve students of cognitive and identification capacity, consciously boycott these vulgar toy; business, and quality prison, sector to strengthening on school around store of regulatory, on "three no" products increased inventory efforts, take strong measures, from source Shang severed vulgar toy of production; culture sector to as soon as possible in toy market implemented "grading" system, put adult toy, and children toy for grading, shall not free sales. On sales to children contain violence, sex, superstition and other elements of the toy business, to seriously investigate. As long as we all linkage, guide and educate poor children away from debasing refused information pollution, can cleanse the school atmosphere and let the healthy growth of children. Let no adult, violent and vulgar toy erodes an immaculate heart of innocence.

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