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Old Toys That Threw It?

Zhangping TK Toys & Gifts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2016

Every child is an Angel MOM and dad hand baby since birth, has been under home care and love to make children happy, in order to develop children's intelligence, for the healthy growth of children, families for children at different ages to purchase a variety of toys. However, as the children got older, they lost interest in the old toys, leaving many families accumulate a lot of old toys, parents problem is how old toys, throw a pity, do not throw out.
1, there is no phase out obsolete of old toys, we can clean, large toy into a toy box in the winter, so that children will not find old toys, a long time, take out, the child will get excited with impulses from these toys.
2, now there are some toy modification, can let parents take their kids toys transform, these toys to upgrade it, allowing parents and children to witness this miracle moment.
3, can take pictures of old toys, or secondary trading site Taobao to sell or exchanged with others what you need above, you do not need exactly what someone else is looking for it?
4, if the Toys more than at home, also did not really suitable for children to play, then threw a pity to waste the Yuan, so this time we can use some community links, these toys donated to children in poor mountainous areas, they also have a fun childhood.
Everyone is now promoting environmental conservation in resource-scarce today, we should start from little things around, recycling, donation or donate old toys can be for some people in need, which not only helps families deal with some old toys do not need, can also to some extent improve the awareness of children and sharing.

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