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Toys Mystery Education You Know How Much?

Zhangping TK Toys & Gifts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2016

Toy manufacturers in order to attract more consumers, on toy packaging always add something like "toys" gimmick, and many parents are confused by these beautiful gorgeous ad to, to buy expensive toys, these toys for baby's growth has a lot of help.
We cannot deny that these expensive toys for baby's development can play a role, but, do I need to buy expensive? As we all know, your baby is learning through various sensory organs of understanding things, he needs to use his eyes, nose, mouth, fingers and ears. Best toy is able to stimulate the baby's senses.
Distinguish the voice of toy collecting different things, they make a variety of sounds. You can choose a pot of rice, a whistle, a clock, and so on. Shaking with the baby, listen to their voices, to the baby that these voices are not the same.
Feeling tactile toy: this toy has a name: "outdoor". Take the baby outside, so he sat on the carpeted the grass. Let the baby touch the grass, and told him, "what are wet and dry, smooth and prickly". Bring him to the sand, went to the Park, in the same way that he feels different things--hot, cold, rough, smooth, hard, soft, and so on.
See diagram to identify the object of toys: this toy called "books". Select the appropriate picture book, and can also be cut from the old illustrated some animal pictures and photographs of the equipment, together with the baby to get to know them. Pointing at animals tell the baby, this is what animals, animal sounds and looks like. Show baby pictures of little sheep, told him that this is a sheep head, body with soft wool, that voice is beautiful. Also available with pictures of cars in the same way.

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