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What Do Children Need To Learn In The Game?

Zhangping TK Toys & Gifts Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 13, 2017

What do children need to learn in the game?

A large number of social experiments prove that if the child's needs of the game in the childhood stage are not met, it will cause an incomplete psychological and character. The future society is a competitive society, which requires every member to learn and follow the rules. The consciousness of childhood rule is the basis of legal consciousness and contract consciousness after being an adult. The cultivation of this consciousness is difficult to achieve through preaching. Children are the hope of our future social. So parents should cultivate their kid’s good ideology. Now many children can’t afford to lose in all kinds of games. On the one hand, because they participate in little games and lack psychological adaptability in the game. On the other hand, parents generally have high expectations for children. The results of the excessive care between wining and losing bring huge mental pressure to kids. If this pressure can not be effectively relieved, it may leads to bad result.

Children's education experts believe that children can focus on the existence of individual and others’ value through the game, and gradually get the necessary awareness through communication and exchange. Let children to release their own emotion and personality to experience the joy of game is a good way to cultivate their quality and ability. The spirit of the game is in a serious and not serious environment to learn the skills of life and cultivate the basic consciousness of life.

Do not think that the child painted red sky is graffiti, in fact, they are in the creation of their own ideal sky; do not think that children took down the car is a kind of malicious damage, in fact, they are exploring the unknown world; do not think that it is a bad behavior for the children to make their clothing dirty, in fact, they are in their own body to experience the real existence of life. Give your children more freedom, and less arrangement. Today's children will really become the future hope.

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