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What Is Fidget Spinner?

Zhangping TK Toys & Gifts Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017

The fidget spinner is composed of a bi-directional or multi-directional symmetric body as the main body, embed a bearing. It is a device which can plane rotate. It can also be inset the same weight configuration in the symmetrical object. The basic principle of this item is similar to the traditional spinner. But it needs to use a few fingers to grasp and toggle in order to let it rotate. So players called it fidget spinner.

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The only one physical effect is to rely on the principle of bearing rolling to achieve the rotation effect. The way to play fidget spinner is using the thumb and another finger to pinch it to provide a fixed support, and then using the third finger to move. In addition, the design of the fidget spinner, the shape of the structure, the main materials are multiple, and the innovation of the appearance of is also various. So the rotation of the fidget spinner is diversified.

For the appearance of the fidget spinner, it can be said that in addition to the people who is curious about this items and players who understand about it, almost all of people thinks that this is a boring and useless things. In fact, the same as the traditional spinners, they are not boring object. The existence of such items is not just to meet the curiosity of people. To some extent they should also be defined as practical tools. According to the spirit Scientists survey, on the one hand, fidget spinner has a great promote effect for the people who is inattention and hyperactive. On the other hand, it plays and help role in easing up some non-physical dependence problems, such as mental stress, some hypnosis, smoking addiction, alcohol addition and so on. As the electronic cigarette and Zippo lighters, it requires a certain ornamental. So the fidget spinner is not only a physical spirit plaything, it can    also based on different materials, shape and rotation to meet one’s requirement.

Although fidget spinner really active up is less than half a year, in the foreign video site total video click rate has been broken billion, which the video of the playing method, homemade DIY fidget spinner and other types of video can reach hundreds of thousands of viewing. In fact, fidget spinner is not just for boring people, because playing this thing just like playing walnuts and playing hand string, there are some people who like to hold a play. When people are thinking or relaxing, they can play such things. The fidget spinner is the new element of the EDC equipment. It is small in size and easy to carry, and can be processed into different shapes and decorate different elements, like custom jewelry, pendant, giving you a sense of art and meeting the unique custom needs. Fidget spinner is not a plaything with traditional history culture. It attracts the crowd is not the older generation like nostalgic players. And it is more like a kind of playthings with science and technology culture attracting a new generation who are interested in exploring the future.

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Tel: +86-595-85799930
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